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The worldʼs best Sponsored Products automation software


Let our next-gen automation do it for you.

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Create targeted campaigns for success Create targeted campaigns for success

Never go alone again. Our experts will help you create advertising campaigns to meet your individual business goals.

Discover profitable keywords Discover profitable keywords

Stop wasting time in spreadsheets. Our software is constantly finding profitable keyword opportunities from Amazon and doubling down on those winners.

Set your bids on auto-pilot Set your bids on auto-pilot

Never adjust a bid again in Seller Central. Let our algorithmic automation get you the best placement for max profitability.

Keyword actions at the click of a button Keyword actions at the click of a button

No uploading or copying and pasting. Complete all your keyword tasks in our easy to use dashboard.


Your success is our success

Weʼre obsessed with your profitability.

What our customers are saying.

Matthew H, Amazon FBA Seller
“After much testing I am pleased with the teikametrics automatic bid adjustment! Can I please add the rest of our campaigns to the teikametrics platform?”
Matthew H. — Amazon FBA Seller
Jonathan Mezz, Amazon FBA Seller
“This new SP program is DOPE! The functionality is extremely user-friendly
and really makes managing the negative keywords SO much easier.”
Jonathan Mezz — Amazon FBA Seller
Hannah C, Amazon FBA Seller
“The opportunity cost would be losing 2-3 people during peak
selling season. I always get fired up about
working with partners like y'all”
Hannah C. — Amazon FBA Seller
Watch your wasted ad spend drop
Watch your wasted ad spend drop

Watch your wasted ad spend drop

Watch your wasted ad spend drop.

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Follow the steps for success

The Sponsored Products Playbook

Reduce Inefficient Spend
Reduce Inefficient Spend

We identify opportunities for Negative Keywords that will prevent wasted spend, naturally increasing your margins.

Capitalize on Top Performers
Capitalize on Top Performers

Transfer high performers from your automatic campaigns to manual. Make your money work harder for you.

Improve Keyword Targeting
Improve Keyword Targeting

Continue to refine targeting with the use of phrase and exact match keywords. Take control and never stop improving.

Adjust Bids for Profitability
Adjust Bids for Profitability

Capture the most impressions and clicks. Double down the investment on those keywords that are converting into sales

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Meet our amazing experts

Never go alone.
Let our experts help.

“I want to tell you how pleased and impressed I am with the level of expertise and service that we have been receiving from Alex. I find her to be extremely knowledgeable, engaged and responsive.”
Suzanne M. — Teika Customer

We're not like the other guys

We take your success personally.

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Bi-monthly expert check-ins

Our success experts will schedule meetings to reassess your progress twice a month.

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Weekly account health updates

Youʼll recieve a weekly trend report of key metrics showing your campaign progress.

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Live in-app chat

Our customer success team is on call to answer your questions.